Cannaeo Brands – Private Labeling, Manufacturing, Influencer Marketing


Cannaeo existed only as a brand when the initial co-founders participated as a vendor at the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver, Colorado on April 20, 2015. Little did the creators know that their marquee would take off and become the flag-bearer for e-retailers of hemp products in just a few short years.

Later that same year, Cannaeo decided to branch out. It tried and succeeded in operating as an e-commerce platform for numerous CBD and hemp-based products. The company got its start as a subsidiary of CIB Holdings Inc. in San Diego, CA, with 11 employees.

In December 2015, after an impressive first few months, Cannaeo caught the eye and interest of a family-operated private investment firm. The new management decided to cut out the middlemen and opened its first product warehouse in Chula Vista, CA, in February of 2016. They began product testing to find out what would sell the best.  After a few months of collecting data, the team at Cannaeo found that hemp-based beauty products were in high demand and began producing the brand’s first hemp-infused age-defying serum.

The serum launched for the first time at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta, GA. Afterward, they exhibited at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Los Angeles where demand began to grow. The public caught wind before long and Cannaeo’s serum was on the shelves of 19 different retail stores across San Diego County.

At this point, Cannaeo focused on expansion and diversification, taking an impressive risk by deciding to enter the food market.  Cannaeo became the first ever private labeling company of its kind, marketing hemp-based food products including teriyaki sauce, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, and more. These proved to be popular and in 2017, Cannaeo introduced a total of 9 different stock keeping units (SKU) to keep up with demand.

With that kind of rapid growth, Cannaeo began to make waves across the industry.  It was acquired by Greenfield Solomon Inc., an Irvine based firm in Southern California that already had investments across a myriad of sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, banking, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, digital and social media. The acquisition was an exciting time for Cannaeo, whose growth was taking off more than ever before.

In February 2019, Greenfield Solomon Inc. added Cannaeo to its portfolio as Cannaeo Brands LLC. The food division was dropped and the brand was refocused towards health & wellness, making a move to expand by private labeling garments, accessories, skincare, nutraceuticals, vitamins, beauty and pet products.

With that, Cannaeo Brands rose as an all-in-one centralized source, taking care of both the manufacturing and marketing aspects of a business with its in-house client support, fulfillment, digital and influencer marketing divisions.



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