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About Social
Sparx Magazine

Social Sparx Magazine is an entertainment and lifestyle publication focused on Innovators, Influencers and Thought Leaders, devised and launched in San Diego, Los Angeles and Jacksonville in Summer 2021. It is prominent for its stories, articles, and content with an “Edutainment” purpose to provide information on today’s trends relating to fashion, beauty, fitness, health and wellness.


The publication is printed quarterly with a distribution circulation of: San Diego, CA – 2,500, Los Angeles, CA – 2,500, and Jacksonville, FL – 1,000. It is intended to connect Southern California and Northern Florida communities to align with what’s hot and trending in both areas.


Any entity or business that offers
products or services nationwide
relating to lifestyle, travel, fashion,
beauty, skincare, fitness, music,
health and wellness. Social Sparx
Magazine’s readership is between
the ages of 18 to 59 years old.

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